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Minoti Vaishnav was born in Mumbai, India, but left home at 19 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a popstar. She fulfilled this dream by releasing three independently produced albums, “The Fictional Truth” in 2010, “Secret Garden” in 2013, and “Mix It Up” in 2015. You may have caught the semi-viral video for her single "So Will You" on YouTube (114,000+ views), or heard her infectiously upbeat pop anthem “Psychologist” on radio stations across the U.S, U.K, Canada, Singapore and Denmark.

After dropping her mic to focus on film and television, Minoti navigated her way through the documentary world, working on the Emmy® nominated HBO film American Winter, and then producing events for the International Documentary Association. She assisted with the script for the 28th Annual IDA Awards at this time, and learned how to write for a live awards show. In 2013, she founded Prophecy Girl Films where she worked in film development on award-winning projects like Let Them Eat Cake, My Guardian Angel, and Abducted.


In 2016, Minoti co-wrote the script for the 57th Annual Genii Awards, produced by the Alliance for Women in Media Southern California, and became the youngest President of this 65-year-old organization, working through several initiatives to advance the impact of women in media. In 2017, she was hired as an Associate Producer at Karga 7 Pictures, where her job included writing episode outlines and research for the History Channel shows Hunting Hitler and JFK Declassified. She currently works in TV Development as a Producer at Karga 7 Pictures, where she helps develop unscripted content for Netflix, A&E, Discovery, Travel Channel and History Channel among other networks.

As a writer, Minoti has written articles and copy for various marketing agencies, assisted with editing a feminist erotica novel, and has ghostwritten a health and wellness book for a noted nutritionist. Her scripted work has gathered her contest wins and finalist placements in over 15 contests, including a second rounder placement in the 2016 Sundance Screenwriters Lab, a finalist placement in the 2016-17 CBS Writers Mentoring Program, a winning placement in the 2018 New York Television Festival/JHRTS script competition, a second rounder placement in the 2018 Austin Film Festival, and a 2018-19 semi-finalist placement for NBC’s Writers on the Verge. In 2018, Minoti was accepted into the Masters in Creative Writing program at the University of Oxford, a low-residency program that allows her to live and work in Los Angeles, with short trips to the UK three times a year.

When she’s not writing, Minoti likes to travel, paint, and read tarot cards. If you ask her to read your fortune, she will probably make up terrible, fake predictions just to freak you out. You have been warned.