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Writing Awards & Fellowship Placements

CBS Writer's Mentoring Program Fellow (2019-20)

For: Killing Me Softly. TV Pilot and Agents of SHIELD, Forget & Forgive TV Spec

Catalyst Content Festival - Semi-Finalist (2019)

For: Catalyst. TV Pilot.

CAPE New Writers Fellowship Finalist (2019)

For: XX. TV Pilot. 

Screencraft's Pilot Launch
 - Semi-Finalist, Drama (2018)
For: SPARK. TV Pilot 

Final Draft's Big Break Screenwriting Contest - Semi-
Finalist, Television Drama (2018)
For: XX. TV Pilot 

Austin Film Festival - Second Rounder, AMC One-Hour Drama Category (2018)
For: XX. TV Pilot

NBC Writers on the Verge Semi-Finalist/Top 6% (2018)

For: Outlander - Sons & Daughters. TV Spec

JHRTS/NYTVF Pilot Competition - Winner, TV Drama Category (2018)
For: Catalyst. TV Pilot

Breakthrough Reading Series - Selected Writer (April, May, Nov 2018)
For: Catalyst. TV Pilot and The 'D' Word. TV Pilot

ISA’s Emerging Screenwriters - Winner, Top 6 (#4) (2017)
For: Catalyst. TV Pilot

IndieWise Industry BOOST Competition - Finalist (2017)
For: Abducted. Short


CBS Writers Mentoring Program - Finalist (2016)
For: Catalyst. TV Pilot and iZombie - Dr. Jekyl and Liv Hyde. TV Spec


Sundance Screenwriters Lab - Second Rounder (2016)

For: Mary Cardileni's Death Day Party. Feature

Global Life Independent Film Awards - Winner, Silver Medal for Best Short Screenplay (2016)
For: The Associates, Short

New Life Film Festival - Finalist, Top 5 Scripts (2016)
For: The Associates, Short

Hollywood Sky Film Festival - Official Selection (2016)

For: Trust No One, Short

Skyway Film Festival - Finalist, Top 10 (2016)

For: Catalyst. TV Pilot

Creative World Awards - Semi-Finalist, One-Hour Drama Category (2016)
For: The 'D' Word. TV Pilot


Cinevana Hollywood - Winner, Best Teleplay Award (2015)
For: HUNTed. TV Pilot


The Script Lab’s Las Vegas Screenplay Contest - Winner, Best TV Concept (2015)
For: HUNTed. TV Pilot

Courier Awards - Runner-Up, Best Teleplay Award (2014)
For: HUNTed. TV Pilot

Canada International Film Festival - Honorable Mention, Write Bros. Screenplay Competition (2015)
For: HUNTed. TV Pilot

Beverly Hills Film Festival - Official Selection, Screenplay Competition (2014)
For: Realm of the Stones. Feature

California Film Awards - Official Finalist (2014)
For: Realm of the Stones. Feature

Creative World Awards - Semi-Finalist, Drama Feature Category (2014)
For: Realm of the Stones. Feature

Aura Screenwriting Awards - Semi-Finalist (2014)
For: Realm of the Stones. Feature