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Writers Bio

Minoti Vaishnav was born in Mumbai, India to a doctor dad and journalist mom. Her first piece of writing was an unpublished murder mystery novel where a demonic cat ended up being the whodunnit. She was 9 years old. After that, her parents guided her towards the light and away from the darkness by encouraging her to study music. Minoti perfected her singing and songwriting abilities, then left her family in India and moved to Los Angeles to become a popstar
at the age of 19. Three indie albums and a viral music video later, Minoti realized she still preferred murder to music. This led her to getting a job in true crime and paranormal reality TV where her work involved interviewing police detectives and FBI agents, and producing unscripted content for Netflix, NatGeo, Discovery and History among other networks. She has
read every declassified file in the FBI vault and has worked her way through most of the CIA and MI-5 files as well.

Minoti now writes dark, murder mystery dramas with a supernatural twist, pulling from her childhood obsessions as well as all the intelligence files she’s read. She went back to grad school at 30 and graduated with a Masters degree in Creative Writing from the University of Oxford in 2020 where her thesis was a feature film supervised by producers from BBC, ITV and Channel 4 UK.

Minoti’s favorite hobby is reading tarot cards, but if you ask her to read your fortune, she might just make up fake predictions just to freak you out. You have been warned.