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Writers Bio

Minoti has been writing since she was 9 years old. As a teenager, Minoti wrote poems and short stories for her school's newspaper, articles for Verve Magazine, and movie reviews for her million-hit Harry Potter fansite. At 19, Minoti moved to Los Angeles and graduated with a degree in Screenwriting and a minor in Creative Writing from California State University, Northridge. She has an Advanced Screenwriting certificate from the University of Southern California, a Technical Writing certificate from Orange Coast College, and has taken classes taught by screenwriting veterans like David Wheeler, Jen Grisanti, and Robert McKee. 

After graduating from college, Minoti worked for the International Documentary Association and assisted with the script for the 29th Annual IDA Documentary Awards. In 2012, she landed her first writing and directing gig on the short R.I.P, and wrote and directed the 11-minute pitch pilot for 3 Orbs of Light in early 2013.


Minoti then started Prophecy Girl Films where she worked in development, actively writing and producing television pilots, shorts, features, and documentaries for EDA Films, Vigilants Entertainment and PKM Images among other production company clients. In 2017, she assisted in writing outlines for The History Channel series Hunting Hitler. She currently works as a Development Producer at Karga 7 Pictures.

When she's not developing film and television projects, Minoti finds herself writing spec pilots, content for several marketing agencies, and ghostwriting non-fiction books. Her screenplays and teleplays have also placed in several contests, including a top 2% finalist placement in the 2016-2017 CBS Writers Mentors Program and winning placements in ISA's Emerging Screenwriters competition and the JHRTS + NYTVF Pilot Competition. Additionally, 2018 will take Minoti all the way to the University of Oxford in the UK, where she will pursue a Masters degree in Creative Writing. Living between Los Angeles and Oxford, Minoti is looking forward to continuing to chase her dreams and turn them into reality.